Wellness Choice

Mobile Massage, On-Site Bodywork, Nutrition, Corporate Wellness,
Aromatherapy & Pain Management

Nutrition Workshops

LaTonya develops a program customized to fit your daily activities to remain healthy and regain strength. 

She brings relaxation to your office staff and employee meetings with simple easy to follow instructionals. True caring and sensitivity to your daily lifestyle needs. 

LaTonya Neely, ISSA
Meal Planning & Wellness Coach

About Us

With the basic principles of faith, our goal is to empower and educate our clients, neighbors, family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. We promote wellness for the mind, body and the spirit!!!

Our Wellness Choice team including massage therapists, medical and para-professionals; work with clients to coordinate and develop in-services, workshops and seminars in which they may receive information regarding therapeutic massage, nutritional support, materials on a wide range of health-related topics relative to a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

We encourage you to order your Tahitian Noni products and let us know your results.  Order one bottle of the original Noni Juice and share with family, friends and co-workers. Follow the link to my webpage and try for 30 days. Be prepared for the wonderful changes your body will show, others will notice and you will be healthier and more active!  www.mymorinda.com/2322945
Be blessed and embrace wellness!

Corporate and Group Massage Events

Host a wellness workshop in your home or office. Massage is a wonderful appreciation event with health & wellness benefits; it recharges and rejuvenates the body.

We offer Therapeutic Massage, hand-blended Aromatherapy products, Sports Nutrition Information & Bioactive Beverages for the Entire Family.

Therapeutic Massage, Certified Sports & Nutrition Counseling  

  • Prenatal, Veteran, Youth & Senior Massage
  • Corporate Massage & Rehab Services
  • Bodywork & Sports Massage
  • Flexibility, Stretching & Range of Motion
  • Deep Tissue & Shiatsu Floor Massage

We offer the perfect setting to relax and reduce stress. Our Sports Nutrition coach will assist you in taking deep breaths and feeling better immediately! 
We offer lasting benefits.

Try our Wellness Team

On-call Field Therapists and our Wellness Choice Team provide our individual and corporate clients with professional therapeutic massage services and nutritional support for the entire family.  Increase productivity, reduce pain and stress levels.  

Wellness Choice "Team Mobile" 

Working with area businesses, schools and community centers; we offer corporate seminars that increase productivity, encourage, motivate and inspire you and your employees to perform with passion. We provide a health service that also helps businesses and individual workers attain one of the greatest gifts of all feeling well every day!

No need to pay SPA prices to relax.

Host an event in your home or office and we bring the wellness team to you!

Call for details call Toni  @ 618-225-2777

Leave a message in our Guest Book and let us know you were here!! 

Our company is growing and we invite you to grow with us. Contact us!!!

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Family Wellness Support

Mission Statement

With the basic principles of faith, empowering and educating our clients, neighbors, family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. We promote wellness for the mind, body and the spirit!! Serving families, Empowering Youth, Promoting Cultural Diversity, Creating Healthy Families, Promoting Wellness and Building Healthy Communities.

Caring for those that have cared for others! Family Wellness Support was created to help initiate economic growth and community development; an organization that supports wellness for the entire family unit, military families and spouses.

Family Wellness Support strives to improve the lives of people through community outreach, volunteerism, leadership development & wellness workshops.Our  plans include our volunteers visiting retirement communities, homeless veterans and families, home bound neighbors, offering compassionate care, assisting with adult day care, and respite care environments to encourage youth interest in health sciences and nursing programs.

Our wellness programs include educating the community about the relationship between the environment, nutrition and their long-term health. Providing on-site workshops that encourage families and youth to develop emotional, physical and behavioral balance.

Toni M. Jackson, LMT, BCTMB
Board Certified Bodyworker
Mobile Massage Therapist

Mrs. LaTonya Neely, ISSA
Natural Health Consultant

                             Family Wellness Support Foundation is a Christian Faith based multi-purpose organization whose mission is to provide quality health services through wellness programs; which will enable us to help to improve the quality of life for all persons of all ages in our communities. We are a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization.